Need support at work?

Access To Work can create a level playing field for disabled employees

Through the Access to Work programme Ellingham can provide practical support at work to overcome barriers and allow disabled employees to compete on an equal footing – which could open up a world of possibilities with regard to your job prospects!

We are happy to give advice to customers on the support available, including:

Support worker.
Specialised equipment.
Adaptations to premises.
Travel costs.
Communication support.
Admin support.
Job aide.

In addition, Ellingham will:

Recruit and employ support workers on behalf of our customer.
Work with our customer’s employer to meet their requirements.
Give continued support and advice as roles and support requirements change.

Apply for support

We can help you to find a suitable support worker to assist you in the workplace.

Support is based on your needs, which may include a grant to help cover the costs of practical support in the workplace.

If you have already been awarded your Access to Work grant, please contact our Access to Work team on 020 8519 5234 to inquire about a support worker, or get in touch using our Contact Form.

If you would like us to help you obtain support, please follow this link to complete our Access To Work Request Form


Please note, to be eligible for the Access to Work grant you must be in paid employment or self-employment, or with a confirmed start date, and:

have a disability or health condition which affects your ability to work.
be aged 16 or over.
live and work in England, Scotland or Wales.