The following are a selection of case studies chosen to reflect the variety of approaches and positive progression pathways that have been established.

Transition from education towards the world of employment is not a single event but rather a unique journey that can be planned and supported. Whatever stage our young people are at we work with them to find the appropriate route towards their future goals.

We have worked with participants of a very wide variety of ability levels, support needs and backgrounds, and have worked with them all to establish a positive route forward, whatever their starting point.

Here are some of our young people’s stories…

  • Muj’s Story

    Muj’s Story

    Muj is enjoying working in a Pet Shop, and feels that participating in the Supported Internship programme has helped him become calmer.

  • Tylah’s Story

    Tylah’s Story

    Tylah feels Ellingham’s Supported Internship programme made her “a better person” and helped her secure paid employment.

  • Shauna’s Story

    Shauna’s Story

    Ellingham have been successful at finding strategic partners that can open doors for our participants to help then fulfill their ambitions…

  • Niamh’s Story

    Niamh’s Story

    Niamh did not enjoy college and struggled to engage, but proved to be excellent when placed into an employment setting…

  • Ali’s Story

    Ali’s Story

    Our support helped Ali gain experience and build confidence before progressing into paid work in retail.

  • Timothy’s Story

    Timothy’s Story

    Timothy secured a “life changing” Apprenticeship with a major US Investment Bank.

  • Buddy’s Story

    Buddy’s Story

    Buddy secured a full time job working at a leisure center and won a Mentor of the Year award.