Shauna’s Story

Shauna came to us with a Level 5 qualification in Music Production and was keen to get into the Music Industry producing Music. Shauna had completed a two-week work experience placement at a music studio previously, but her duties had mainly included tidying up and setting up instruments. Shauna had never had a paid job. Shauna had a learning disability and had required one to one support at school.

Shauna was already an independent traveller and was keen to get help with job applications, CV writing and Interviews. Shauna displayed promising attributes and was friendly, enthusiastic, punctual and reliable.

Shauna’s skills and aspirations were assessed, and she was inducted onto the course. Shauna underwent training focusing on employability skills and learnt about Work Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Job searching and applications, Interviews and CV writing. Shauna job searched at Ellingham and re wrote her CV.

A work experience placement was set up for Shauna at a community Radio Station in Old Street. Shauna was travel trained to the radio station, was inducted and taught how to use various software used in music production. She began to grow in confidence and, as a result, was given more responsibility and more challenging roles.

Eventually she was given the role of assisting a singer to choose the musical accompaniment to her vocals and before long Shauna was mentoring other young people and children at the Radio Station as well as producing her own music tracks.

An employer review meeting was held for Shauna where her manager described her as hard working, grown in confidence and willing to go ‘above and beyond.’ As a result of the meeting and the possibility of employment the work experience placement was extended, and Progress targets were set.

Shauna began to work one evening a week on a project helping young people with Autism learn Media skills. She continued to be monitored by Ellingham and was coached by Ellingham staff on her additional responsibilities.

As a result of her hard word, enthusiasm and dedication Shauna achieved paid employment at Soap Box Radio Station. She is working 8 hours a week as a Media Coach and continues to help out so she is considered for any additional future vacancies. Her employer described her as having a natural flare for the role and reported that Shauna has empowered the students she teaches and had reformed the company’s attitude towards working with people with needs.

As a result of this they are working at giving more young people with needs opportunities.

To see the full Project Evaluation document for our Supported Internship programme, click this link.