We are establishing opportunities for people with SEND to learn, intern and work in the coffee industry, mentoring them in real work environments across the coffee industry.

Ellingham have teamed up with industry experts and highly successful social entrepreneurs to set up a wholesale coffee social enterprise – SEND Coffee CIC. Since 2019 we have been developing a speciality Barista Supported internship with the objective of providing barista employment opportunities in the UK Coffee industry for people with SEND. We deliver a customised training program based on a hybrid of the SCA Certification, and all interns will work on site with a mentor for a full year learning soft skills and cementing their training in experience. We then source paid employment opportunities with partners that stock our Coffee Beans.

Our offer:

We have now progressed to the stage that we can roll this model out in additional boroughs, as we have commercial coffee shop venues in Waltham Forest, Hackney and Camden that we can use to host small cohorts of interns. We are able to host placements for groups of young people, running the project entirely on site with an employer who has expressed an interest in supporting our social mission (and who are always on the lookout for good staff).

Social Enterprise

Additionally, sales of wholesale coffee will eventually generate a new revenue stream that Ellingham will spend on delivering impact for those with SEN.