Risk Assessment

Safe and healthy employers
Health and safety is a vital part of the working process, and we are heavily committed to this area. We understand that you may be concerned about the health and safety implications of employing a disabled person. However, it is actually rare that health & safety issues are a genuine reason not to employ a disabled person.

We are happy to undertake a free risk assessment in consultation with you to ensure that disabled employees are in safe hands whilst they work for you.

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Alternatively you may find the following facts useful.

The facts about disability
Your workplace is either safe or not safe. Legally it cannot be regarded as safe for some but not for others. Safety doesn’t discriminate.

Health and Safety legislation should not prevent disabled people finding or staying in employment and should never be used as a false excuse to justify discriminating against disabled people.

As an employer you are responsible for the health safety and welfare of all your employees, weather they have a disability or not.

Employers should already be managing any significant workplace risks.

There are no Health and Safety regulations specific to disabled people only.

Risk Assessment
There is no requirement to carry out a separate risk assessment for a disabled employee.

If you become aware of an employee (or visitor, customer, etc.) with a disability, you may need to review your existing risk assessment to make sure it covers risks which might be present for them.

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for the majority of employers and is often used as an excuse to justify discrimination against disabled workers.

Legally insurers are not allowed to refuse cover on the grounds of disability or indeed charge higher premiums. Insurers are not entering unchartered waters here.

Insurance is very much focused on H&S compliance and risk management. Health and safety adjustments are typically simple and low cost.