In Work Support

Ongoing Support

Our service does not end when you employ one of our clients. We are committed to ensuring that employers get the ongoing support they need to employ and retain disabled members of staff.

When you employ one of our clients we will continue to support both the employee and the employer. We will negotiate an agreed support package with you which we are confident twill meet your needs, as many employers currently employing our clients can confirm.

Bespoke support in the workplace is available in order to help our clients settle in and progress, with the emphasis on planning development on an ongoing basis.

Practical Support

Despite clearly having the skills required, there may still also be practical problems for disabled people to overcome in the workplace. There may potentially also be practical issues around getting to and from work. Ellingham are happy to help overcome these problems too. Our Access To Work contract enables us to provide support workers to assist disabled employees at no expense to the employer.