A Big Thank You – A Message From Our Founder

A message from our Founder and Chair of Trustees

At the end of a challenging year, Ellingham’s founder Chris Bailey has thanked our staff team for their dedication in keeping our service going….

My dear colleagues,

This has been an exceptional year, not only for Ellingham but a global one. We are but a small part in this pandemic. Who would have thought this time last year the situation we are in now?

At Ellingham though, there has been such dedication and commitment, a fact that for which I must thank you, clients, parents/carers and my whole staff team for your continued trust and confidence in Ellingham that we are still able to continue, albeit on a reduced service to those we seek to serve.

There have been times over the past nine months where we had doubts as to whether our service would continue, but the clients, as ever, so needing to have and use our services, clearly made us evaluate how we adapt. I like to think that one of the reasons Ellingham is so successful and loved by our client group is the flexible way we are able to adapt and find new, different ways of providing services for them. At the start of shut down, a small team of staff remained in regular contact with our clients and their families, ensuring their safety and well-being. As a result, our outreach programme commenced in ICV which has become a success, thanks to Helen getting funding for it from the Lottery. It is currently continuing, and we hope for further developments in this unique provision, such is our endeavours to continue our services to our clients.

Likewise, our work with colleagues in Colleges, through Miles & his team, found new ways of ensuring that the learners continued with their programmes, is now paying dividends with exciting new prospects for the new year.

It has been without doubt the most difficult time for our service. Many other organisations have unfortunately closed and even we, because of market forces, have had to say goodbye to several loyal staff members during the year, which has been particularly hard. But we are still here, in part due to the hard & dedicated work of Ellingham’s staff team in making all the necessary changes in the way we all have to work.

My Board of Trustees and myself are privileged to lead Ellingham Employment Services, and in particular I must take time to express my grateful thanks to Helen Gore who took over the reins running the day to day operations of Ellingham during this pandemic. She has done, and continues to do, a superb job, and with her Senior Team of Donna, Miles & Rosemary, their pressure in ensuring continuing links with our clients whilst ensuring a healthy environment for all, in addition to their continuing seeking potential developments, has ensured our future looks more secure after this dreadful virus has gone. There are many new opportunities for our services to flourish in new exciting ways.

I would like to thank you all for your continuing support of Ellingham and our services. It is most appreciated.

We will have a break for the festive season. Please do make the most of this time, but most importantly, keep safe. We look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year for an exciting period.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Bailey

Founder & Chair of Trustees on behalf of the Board of Trustees