We’re Listening

We are really pleased to share the latest “customer listening” comments from the interviews conducted last month – which show that participants on our supported employment programmes are extremely pleased with the service we are providing.

Ellingham’s Employment Team have always taken pride in their dedication to listening to our clients. Encouraging clients to tell us how we’re doing is central to the team’s ethos and helps us serve them better.

We hold regular “customer listening sessions” to enable people who have been through our employment programmes to let us know what they think of our service and ensure we keep getting better.

  • Customers were very pleased with the services that they received. They were very complementary of Advisors and felt that they fully understand the needs and the difficulties customers face with their search for employment.
  • Customers felt that the programme and the staff at Ellingham didn’t rush them and were giving time to work with them to find suitable employment.
  • Customers felt that their personal self-esteem had improved since starting the programme, and that advisors boosted their morale and made them feel that finding suitable employment was possible.
  • Customers felt that Consultants had a good knowledge of how to help them progress to suitable employment.
  • All customers said that they didn’t feel pressurised to just get any jobs and all felt that Ellingham’s aim was to work with them to find the right work for them individually.

Other positive feedback expressed for Ellingham was:

  • They felt that everyone was knowledgeable.
  • Ellingham understood that everyone was individual.
  • Ellingham were supportive with problems and help to resolve them.

If you feel that the Employment Team may be able to support you, you can find out more information HERE