We can create a level playing field for disabled empoyees

Did you know?

Through Access to Work Ellingham can provide practical support at work to overcome barriers and allow disabled employees to compete on an equal footing - which could open up a world of possibilities with regard to your job prospects!

Despite clearly having the skills and potential required, there may still be practical problems for disabled people to overcome in the workplace. Access to Work is available to help overcome these problems.

This scheme offers practical assistance to help disabled people to overcome barriers that may be encountered either at work, or in getting to work. It enables clients to stay in employment on a more equal basis with their non-disabled colleagues by removing obstacles.

Support is tailored to the individual and there are a number of practical ways in which individuals can be supported:

How does it work?

A variety of assistance is available to overcome barriers that may be met at work:

  • A Support Worker can provide support such as reading for a visually impaired person, or communication for a hearing impaired person via sign language, etc.
  • Providing specialised equipment to suit specific needs and to enable a disabled person to function in the work place. For example: e.g. speech operated computers, Braille keyboards etc.
  • Adaptations to premises or existing working environment.
  • Help with the additional costs of travel to or in work, for people who are unable to use public transport.
  • Communication support at interview.


Julie Fernandez. Actress, Producer, Disability campaigner, Supported by Ellingham under Access To Work“Access to Work has meant everything to me.”                              

“The Access To Work programme has allowed me to work most of my

adult life and as a disabled person who constantly faces negative

assumptions to  my capabilities this is extremely important, not just to

show others that it can be done but also for my own self-respect”. 

Julie Fernandez

Actress, Producer, Disability campaigner

Supported by Ellingham under Access To Work



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